Windows ME blue screen failure

  Teddington 20:23 14 May 03

the problem is this

Nothing particlar has been done to the pc (running win me)
but now when it is turned on it seems to run everything okay (the dos type things load and the me splash screen apears) then it gives you the windows start up screen in dos (ie options 1-4 with 3 safe mode being selected) if you select any of the windows then it will seem to work but the a blue screen will appear with

windows protection error. you need to restart your computer. system halted.

what should i do ?

  Jomi 20:37 14 May 03

You can try a system restore in ME.
Start up in safe mode.
Click start, then programs, then accessories, then system tools, then system restore, go back to a date before the problem started.

hope this helps.

  Teddington 20:47 14 May 03

this is the problem!

even in safe mode it will not start windows it just goes to this blue screen and

windows protection error. you need to restart your computer. system halted.

  VoG™ 20:54 14 May 03

Do you get an option to start in MSDOS (or Command Prompt - sorry I can't remember the terminology in ME)?

If you can, type in:


and press Return. This should start System Restore and allow you to go back to a time before this started to happen.

  Teddington 21:14 14 May 03

No I can not seem to get to a Dos prompt

  VoG™ 21:17 14 May 03

Do you have a full Windows ME disk or a recovery disk that came with your PC? Also, have you made a recovery floppy disk?

I am thinking along the lines that you are going to have to reload (or "repair") Windows.

  Teddington 22:23 14 May 03

I have a recovery CD from the manufacture so I can try that but i have not made any kind of system disk/recovery floppy

  VoG™ 22:30 14 May 03

You need to consult the manual (if you have one) to see exactly what the recovery CD will do. Some of them will simply return your system to how it was when it left the factory, others allow selective recovery like re-install Windows. If the latter, your documents etc. should remain intact; if not you would lose everything.

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