Windows mail, .doc attachments

  RIPInspiron 14 Mar 12

I use Windows Mail and Word 2010. If I try to open a .doc mail attachment (and probably .xls too), all I get is

"This file does not have a program.............. Create an association in the Set Associations control panel"

Tried to - probably tried every single possible variation in the control panel to get Word to open attachments, all except the correct one. How/where to change things to get this irritation fixed?

  mgmcc 14 Mar 12

Can you not right click the file, select "Open with", then Choose Program, navigate to the Winword.exe program file and tick the box always to use that program for that kind of file?

  lotvic 14 Mar 12
  RIPInspiron 15 Mar 12

Right click does not offer an "open with" option.

So far as I can see, the link contains nothing that I have not tried already. The program to open .doc is selected as Word, but it does not do so with attachments in Mail.

  lotvic 15 Mar 12

Then it's time for Ramesh Srinivasan's go to this link to read about and then download the patch. Make sure to read the full page.

  onthelimit1 16 Mar 12

Could it be the documents are from an earlier version of Word? If so, you need the MS Compatibility download for Office.

  onthelimit1 16 Mar 12

Ignore my last - that's for the other way round (ie, reading .docx files in Word 2003)!

  Kevscar1 16 Mar 12

Right click click on properties in the general tab it should say open with and there is a button to change.

  onthelimit1 16 Mar 12


As suggested by mgmcc 2 days ago?

  wee eddie 16 Mar 12

Have you transferred the ???.doc out of the email and onto your PC?

Or are you trying to do this while it is still within the eMail.


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