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  Honorary Aussie 19 Dec 11

In the last few days my Windows Mail has gone on the blink.

Each time I open up the program I find that the link to the contacts list has broken. On running Windows Explorer I find that the folder has moved and has duplicated itself, occasionally several times. The operating system won't allow me to move it back to the correct location, nor will it allow me to deleted the rogue folders. So I've copied the contents to a pen drive and copy it back in each time I need it. Can anyone advise me what's caused this and how can I remedy the problem?

  buteman 19 Dec 11

Is it Windows Mail or Windows Live mail..

If windows live mail go to add remove and highlight windows live essentials and press delete.It should open up and ask which program you want to repair or delete,Just click on Windows Live mail and press delete.[ Now not sure if that would delete all your saved mail or not but I would not think so].

Then just install windows live mail again.

Well thats how it works with W/7 so should be the same with them all.

If Windows mail I suppose there should be an easy method of removing that as well.

But best to wait till someone can give you better advice.

  Woolwell 19 Dec 11

Is this Vista with Windows Mail and Windows Contacts or W7 or is it Live Mail with XP?

  Honorary Aussie 19 Dec 11

I've got Windows Mail running on Vista

  Woolwell 19 Dec 11

I don't use either Windows Contacts or Windows Mail so I'm guessing a bit. Does Windows Contacts on its own open correctly? Is the folder under your account name and is that an account with administrator rights?

I would consider moving to Windows Live Mail which is an improvement of Windows Mail.

  Woolwell 19 Dec 11

If you do go down the Live Mail route then you should read this Import of Windows Contacts


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