Windows Live Messenger

  thumbscrew 20:30 24 Jan 07

I've just changed my ISP. I was registered with Windows Live Messenger with my old ISP, obviously under a different e-mail, with my new ISP I have a new address. Should I create a new Messenger account, or will it still work with my old e-mail address?

  terryf 20:34 24 Jan 07

Suck it and see, if the old one doesn't work then create a new one, use Messenger as you used to and if it doesn't work, you know the solution.

  thumbscrew 20:36 24 Jan 07

Thanks terryf, it was pretty obvious I suppose and I should have realised it. Gracias pal.

  Kat440 12:21 25 Jan 07

You should be able to change your e-mail address and still keep your original msn account, if you start a new msn account you will have to reset everything again.
There should be something in the settings on msn to allow you to do this just a matter of looking and finding out!! can't remember my self as had to do it last year as i changed isp myself. Hope it helps if not...oh well...!!!

  helpingf 13:01 25 Jan 07

how can i get 2 email account with different names one for me and 1 for my fiance

  rodriguez 14:54 25 Jan 07

When you connect with to the Internet with your new ISP, just sign into WLM with your old hotmail address as normal. It will just sign in like it did before as it isn't linked to your ISP.

  thumbscrew 23:49 25 Jan 07

W-L-M, thanks for the post..couldn't see anything in the settings...have you seen anything I've missed?

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