windows live mail signing in

  mern 21:02 PM 26 Jun 11

is there anyway of keeping oneself signed in to windows live mail. Whenever I close the programme I have to sign in again on re opening. Not neccessarily with my password but have to wait ages for the signing in to take place. Even when signed in one has to wait a while before checking whether or not any e-mails have been received or even to wait before opening mail. All in all a lousy system. Shame I cant use OE on Windows 7

  gengiscant 08:34 AM 27 Jun 11

After you have put your password in the sign-in box there is a little box below with 'remember my password' put a tick in that then you will not need to sign-in again.

  birdface 09:05 AM 27 Jun 11

Just don't sign out.Use the red X to close it.

You can get it to run at start up by moving it into the Startup in all programs.

I think you have to get the web address of it and add it to startup then when you reboot the computer it should start automatically.

Some one will no doubt be able to give you the proper way of doing it.


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