Windows Live Mail excessive junk

  Muergo 11 Nov 12

I am resurrecting my previous subject as I have tried all suggestions without success.

I went away for three days and now have 86 in the junk mailbox. So Windows Live Mail is catching them but how can I block them altogether, I have put all sites on both blocked sender and blocked domain lists which doesn't stop them but just puts them in junk list which sometimes can have one message out of all of them which is legitimate.

  lotvic 11 Nov 12

To fool the spam filters a lot of spam is spoofed as to where it comes from. You could try these settings and tips:

Set the Windows Live Hotmail Junk Mail Filter

  Miké 11 Nov 12

"how can I block them altogether"

Well if I don't say it, somebody else will... You can't!

  Woolwell 11 Nov 12

Block them altogether - change email address and then be very careful who you release it especially online. This is the reason I have 3 email addresses - one for online, one personal and one for other uses.

  Muergo 11 Nov 12

Still wading through site that Lotvic link gave me but so far not found Junk mail adjustment settings, but some more avenues to explore.

Some particular site must have triggered these junk messages because I was not getting any at all until about six weeks ago, having had WLMail for two years now after changing from Outlook Express.

There is no pattern, some asking about claiming for accidents or selling of PPI , and how to improve my sex life, cruises to the Bahamas.etc I have not opened any of them.

  Woolwell 11 Nov 12

It is also possible that a "friend" has had their address book hacked and you address harvested. But more likely that it has been harvested from a site on which you posted your email address for purchase or social reasons. Is it hotmail by any chance? I find gmail to be much better at trapping spam at source.

  Muergo 12 Nov 12

Well, woolwell you certainly pinned it down but from where these addresses are coming and how to stop them is two different things, finding where they are from is a mammoth task, I have had messages from all over, new contacts from school Old Boys recently is probably the biggest source of contacts here and abroad that only recently started up so that is a favourite, but which one has leaked my address, impossible to find out, and what could I say.

Must change e-mail address but that's a bother, but probably the only solution.

  Muergo 12 Nov 12

Windows Live Mail has another quirk, marking messages (SUSPECTED SPAM) when they have clearly come from sites on my address book and I have said they are safe so why they label them like that ?

I hear good reports of the "Outlook" new e-mail system, I might log onto that, not to be confused with Outlook Express which does not work with W7

  lotvic 12 Nov 12

Could be keywords in email triggering the suspected spam mark, or the volume of emails from that sender through server because email address has been spoofed to look like came from them.

There are probably many many people (mostly strangers to you) now getting emails supposedly from you as your email address is on the spammers rounds.

You prob won't know about it unless you start getting mail bounced back to you as undeliverable.

Good news is it will prob die off in a few weeks as spammers move on to the next block of email addresses. I'm afraid that's the way of it nowadays. For some info on how spam works, do a google search for: spam servers shut down

  Muergo 12 Nov 12

I have not recently "bounced back" any of the messages, or tried opening them and unsubscribing if that's possible, some have quite legitimate sounding names like "Charterhouse". I obviously wouldn't do that for "Tara" or "Christine" .

  Woolwell 12 Nov 12

Jock1e. I doubt that removing your address from your contact list will achieve anything. Removing it from someone else's list may well. This could be a website, company or person.


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