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  Daiol 21 May 11

Good day to all.I posted a question beginning of the week regarding WLM I opened it and it was all blank lost all my emails,But got it back up and running as I had a backup but it was a nightmare to get it all working again. Now apart from that I would like to have some advice on how to set up the WLM I don't mean the email side,What I'm looking at is the main page. This is what I have:I have two emails one hotmail and one orange mail.Now under the orange mail heading on the far left I have sub folders 1.Amazon 2.Ebay 3.Orders and so on. Would that be the correct way to set up the WLM main page,As when I lost the last lot of emails when I imported them they all went into sub folders but not the sub folders that I have set up.I had a problem finding them.When found I had to make new sub folders and copy and paste from the imported folders to the folders that I have under my email address on the far left. Am I doing this correct or incorrect.Can I please have some help here from people that are using the dreaded email. Many thanks D.

  TonyV 21 May 11


I have WLM and mine is set up with e mail addresses on the left-hand side and under each address I have In-box, Drafts, Sent, Junk e-mail and Deleted Items. (These are set folders by MS WLM.) Then there is a general Folder beneath that lot called Storage Folders. Under here I have all the sub-folders that cover a variety of topics like Amazon, General et al. I think if you are trying to import Folders, they should go in to the same names on the new position.

If all else fails try the WLM Help page from the ? on the top right hand side of the main page.


  Daiol 22 May 11

TonyV.Many thanks for your reply,Reading what you wrote I think that I made a right mess of setting up WLM. Followed your info this is what I now got. [my email].When I expand that I got **INBOX DRAFT JUNK DELETED ITEMS Hotmail OUTBOX** Storage Folders Expand that [my email]**DRAFT SENT ITEMS DELETED ITEMS IMPORTED FOLDER Expand folder WANADOO Expand that**[my email] All Sub Folders 01--20 **DRAFT INBOX JUNK SENT ITEM**S. Now is that how it should be setup??.I do hope so. Many thanks.Daiol.

  TonyV 22 May 11


From what you say it sounds as though you have it OK now. Under my Storage Folders, I have the standard sub-folders in this order, Drafts, Sent items, Deleted items, these are followed by the sub-folders that I have created to keep the various mails in.

I think that is the way you now have yours set up. You can probably change the layout to get rid of the Imported Folders, but if it is working, I would leave well alone! Don't try and delete the Imported Folder bit, otherwise you will loose everything. You would have to drag and drop the individual folders to the Standard Folder position, then delete the Imported Folders title. But as I say, if it is working, leave well alone.

People seem to complain about various problems in WLM, but I have to say that I have not had any major problems since I changed over to the latest 2011 version some moths ago.



  Daiol 22 May 11

Thanks very much,Glad of your help.D.


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