Windows live mail

  highside 08:37 22 Oct 09

Do users of windows mail have to sign in every time they use it?
I downloaded it (and gave it up in frustration) because (even though I thought I was elected to remain signed in) it logged me out when I used things like CC & file clean ups.
In Windows Mail I go straight to my mailbox just by clicking on mail? What am I doing wrong?

  Technotiger 08:42 22 Oct 09

Using CC or similar will remove all your Cookies which are needed to 'remember' your earlier settings. I don't use CC, but I believe there is a box to tick (or untick) to prevent losing your important cookies.

  highside 08:55 22 Oct 09

Thanks but I havent ticked anything in Win Mail which I have had for donkeys years will look at the menu, or are you saying that Live Mail needs a lower security level?

  birdface 09:23 22 Oct 09

Maybe try .Tools.Options.Security.Make sure ask for a password is unticked.See if that helps.

  highside 10:11 22 Oct 09

Just realized that there is a
Win Live 'Hotmail' maybe I got into that unknowingly and not the other version.

  highside 18:22 23 Oct 09

Yes Marg7 that was my problem. Have installed Live Mail now is there an easy way of completely transferring Win mail contacts and messages into Live Mail.
I added my original account to Live succesfully as far as adding an account goes but thats all, how do I shut down the old program and have mail directed to Live, presently it goes to the old box.
Sorry if these are stupid questions.
I thought that most email programmes made it easy to import but cant see how in Live.

  highside 13:01 24 Oct 09

Thanks have got everthing except 'contacts' sorted.
(nb there is a link at bottom of email page for adding addresses and it does work)

The procedure for adding contacts works for me only up to a point. Firstly select contacts and at top of that page you click on 'menu' and select 'import'
You have a choice of five import extensions none work for me including csv.
When I try to open with any of them the message appears to say that there is nothing in the file I point at even though my contacts are still there in Win Mail.
Have tried at all levels of the windows mail folder.

  Sea Urchin 13:23 24 Oct 09

You need to first export the Contacts from Windows Mail in .csv format - see Backing Up Contacts on this link:

click here

You could export them to the Desktop for easy access, then import from there into WLM in .csv format. (Open Contacts - File - Import)

  TonyV 13:48 24 Oct 09

Try this.

click here=


  highside 13:48 24 Oct 09

Thanks all now completed after above procedures.

  TonyV 13:50 24 Oct 09

The click here seems to have gone pear shaped. If you click on Help in Live Mail and search for Import Contacts you will come up with a page that will help you.



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