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  Anti_Virus 16:14 13 Jun 07

Hi, I recntly upgraded my Hotmail account to the Windows Live Hotmail version, but have noticed a few problems since doing so. I can't clcik and drag over words or copy, cut or select phrases in any way. For instane, I wanted to copy a letter I wrote in word and paste it into my email, but i couldn't. whenever I right-clck in the message area, nothing happens. The same went except vice-versa. I was tryin to copy a link that as in a message to put into my address bar. I can't copy it, drag the mouse over it and drag it into the address bar, or even cick the hyperink, as a hyperlink doesn't seem to be available. Has anyone else noticed this? I don't particula;y wan't to go back to the clssic hotmil, but if no one has a solution then it seems my only choice. In case it helps, I'm uing IE 7 in Windows Vista, with Adobe Flash and Shockwave installed, as well as the latest Java versin.

  mad1234 16:55 13 Jun 07

i noticed that & i just use Ctrl - V to paste. i have windows XP but assume this has not change on vista

  A-Nonymous 17:08 13 Jun 07

It shouldnt have changed with Vista.

Ctrl + X to cut

Ctrl + C to copy

Ctrl + V to paste

Works with my Windows Live Hotmail. Any help?

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