Windows keeps telling me my version of windows is not Genuine

  nutty norm 16:02 PM 06 Feb 13

Microsoft keeps telling me this version i have windows 7 is not genuine, what shall i do Nutty norm, do you think i should take it back to the shop which i got it from and tell them what is happen in

  Chronos the 2nd 16:28 PM 06 Feb 13

I assume you are talking about Windows 7,you could try activating via the internet and if that fails use the automated phone system. You will get the choice of whether to activate via phone if you go that route,pick county UK you will get a freephone number then just follow the instructions.

I have had it happen to me with a disk I got direct from Microsoft so unless there is a good chance you were sold a fake,this crap happens and doing the phone activation should sort it.

  john bunyan 16:49 PM 06 Feb 13

I had a similar problem a few months ago, with a retail disc installed 18 months before. Did as Chronos 2 and Jock 1e said, and MS sorted it by phone.I think it happened due to an update..


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