Windows installer Dialog on bootup???

  brotman 04:57 27 Dec 03

Every Time I boot my Windows XP System I get a dialog claiming a program(?) installation is underway. Is there any way I can track down what is causing this?

  johnnyrocker 07:20 27 Dec 03

what prog does it say is trying to install? run msconfig and have a look in start up items, look in add/remove progs for the offender, if a recent prob and it would cause no harm try system restore to before the prob arose.


  brotman 17:07 27 Dec 03

johnyrocker wrote "what prog does it say is trying to install"

That's exactly the problem. it does NOT say what program it's trying t install. I guess I'll have to go the remove-from-startup-and-reboot::iterate route, though i was hoping there might be a mpore direct way. like a log or something.

Thanks for trying,

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