Windows Installation Problems

  Luca M 16:29 13 Oct 04

I have recently upgraded my computer from windows 98 to Windows 2000 Professional. I want to revert back to 98 but cant as the installation says I must be running windows 95 or below. As it is a custom built PC it has no recovery disks. Can anyone help me revert back to 98? And yes I do have the 98 installation CD.

  Diodorus Siculus 16:34 13 Oct 04

Get a boot disk from click here

Start the PC with this disk.

Format C drive then install win98.

  gold 47 16:38 13 Oct 04

If the file system is NTFS you can't revert back to W98 the only way is to delete the none dos partition using FDISK then create a new dos partition and reformat and reinstall W98.

  Luca M 16:39 13 Oct 04

Thanks, ill try it now

  Luca M 16:54 13 Oct 04

I have installed 2000 on NTFS, so i need to delete the non dos partition. How do I do this? Thanks.

  gold 47 20:09 13 Oct 04

Put in the W98 floppy and reboot and choose without CD Rom support when the A:\ prompt shows type FDISK.

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