Windows IE has stopped working

  jonem81 08:01 30 Mar 13

HP Desktop, Intel I5, 4GB Ram, 500HDD Windows 7, 64 bit. I am too often getting a message "Internet Explorer has stopped working .....". I have Anti-spyware, Anti-virus and clean-up software, and used regularly. I am wondering why a PC with such a good modern spec, produces these hiccups all the time?

I expect most of the forum members have experienced this, so did you find an answer?


  onthelimit1 09:49 30 Mar 13

It's probably not your computer - more likely IE. Have you tried running it with no add-ons? Have you tried resetting it to defaults? The alternative is to do what I've done, and move to Chrome!

  spuds 10:08 30 Mar 13

What version IE are you using, is it version 9 or 10 for Vista/W7, or are you using an older version?.

Having had quite a few problems with IE, I tend to use Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. Have you tried these or any other browser as a substitute for IE?.

I notice that you say you have 'clean-up software', but is this cleaning out the cache?.

  jonem81 10:41 30 Mar 13


Thank you. I will try the advice you have given me. Regarding Chrome, I find that when my grandson has finished using it, it seems to have taken up a lot of resources. When I use Ccleaner after he has gone, most of the stuff needing cleaning is mainly from the use of Chrome! Thank you again for your suggestions.


  jonem81 10:49 30 Mar 13


Thank you. I am using IE 10 on Windows 7, 64bit with i5 Intel. I have not tried any other browser, but could consider it if the problems relating to IE 10 continue. I am using Ccleaner, AVG, MalwareBytes and SuperAntiSpyware, all Free!

Thank you again for your help,


  spuds 11:10 30 Mar 13

CCleaner is a very good and highly recommended program, but like a lot of other programs it can miss a few things out, where other programs 'might' find.

Here is a link you might find interesting?.


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