windows host process stopped working

  ernieernie 12:29 31 Oct 09

I am being plagued by a complete lock up of my computer which is accompanied by the above message.
Excel, Word and Publisher all lock up as does explorer. I can sometime get windows mail but that soon gets clobbered too.
The computer won't shut down either and I can only get out of it by holding the start button for several seconds. After that it starts normally and runs for a bit before we go through the whole thing again.
I have all the latest microsoft updates.
The computer is an HP Touchsmart loaded with Vista.
Any assistance will be appreciated.

  User-1229748 12:40 31 Oct 09

have you tried to start up in safe mode?also if you can get to event viewer it may give a clue.did it start happening after a windows update?if so try uninstalling the update.

  User-1229748 12:44 31 Oct 09

more ideas hereclick here

  ernieernie 14:08 31 Oct 09

Thanks for responding smackheadz.
I am a bit lost with all your instructions - I can't see any red arrows for instance - but a recurrent item among administrative events is Task Scheduler : Service Critical Error
Does this give you a clue?

  User-1229748 15:22 31 Oct 09

next time your pc freezes note the time and then look in event viewer to see what it says happened at that time.if your pc was working ok at an earlier time you could try a system restore.did you install any programs that could have caused the problem or download any updates?

  ernieernie 16:51 31 Oct 09

Thanks for that clue smackheadz - it makes sense. Now I have to wait and see.
I have followed the advice I received from another forum which told me to:-
Open up task Scheduler
Expand and go to task Scheduler Library->Microsoft->Windows->RAC.
Click on View menu, and then enable Show Hidden tasks (so that a tick appears beside it)
Right click on RAC Agent (Windows Vista) or RACTask (Windows 7) and select Disable so that the status appears as Disabled.
Apparently the cause of the problem according to him is not known but this procedure is supposed to stop it.
I await the outcome with interest.

  ernieernie 21:43 01 Nov 09

The problem has not recurred since I followed the instructions I mentioned in my most recent post.
It is now more than 24 hours since then and I would have expected several stoppages by now and as there have been no side effects I assume the matter is resolved (touch wood!)
Thanks for your interest, smackheads.

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