Windows help with viruses

  weejohn28 14 May 11

Today I received a telephone call from a person puporting to be calling on behalf of, to use his wording, Windows. He then told me that Windows had found that I had a Virus on my computer and that he would talk me through,whilst I was on my computer, to show me how to eradicate the virus. The person sounded as if he was of Indian extraction but when asked gave me the following telephone number 02032865123. Has anyone ever had this experience, is this on the up and up, or is it just a scam to get into my computer? Love to hear your comments. Weejohn28.

  onthelimit1 14 May 11

Yes, it is a very well known scam. No one (genuine) will ring and tell you your PC is infected, 'cos they don't know. You can either put the phone down on these pests or string them along.

  onthelimit1 14 May 11

P.S. If you're bored, you can read about others experiences (including some who were taken in here link text

  buteman 14 May 11

I do hope you never fell for it and parted with any cash.

If you did best canceling your credit card just to be in the safe side.

  weejohn28 15 May 11

Thak you all for your replies. I have now run both AVG and MALWARE scans and no viruses were found on my Computer. No I have not parted with any money nor have I phoned the telephone number which I was given, as I was highly suspicious of the whole episode, hence my query to the forum. Once again thank you for your assistance. John.


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