windows goes off the edge of my screen

  minkynink 20:59 19 Jan 08

Hi all .
when windows starts up , the logo now goes off the edge of the screen on the right hand side and it is like im looking at it in reverse in the background . there is also a big black bar down the middle of the screen . my pc also keeps crashing .
Can anyone help with this or at least tell me if it can be fixed somehow ?


  STREETWORK 21:03 19 Jan 08

Check that the cable to the monitor has not come loose then.

The screen adjustment settings is likely a driver problem.

First download the newest driver for the monitor. On the desktop.. right click,properties,settings, advanced,monitor,properties,driver, update driver(select the location you downloaded it to)

To deselect interlaced. On the desktop.. right click,properties,settings, advanced, apply.....restart the computer.

  BigB32 21:04 19 Jan 08

more details please like what OP are you running XP Vista or what ,have you checked the cable to your monitor is it in it,s socket


  minkynink 21:07 19 Jan 08

im running on XP prof . All leads to monitor are in place and correct . Thanks for super fast replys .


  DieSse 22:17 19 Jan 08

It sounds like you've got a CRT monitor with the width setting maladjusted. If you have, using the monitor controls to correct the width setting should fix it.

Please confirm whether you've got a CRT or LCD monitor.

  DieSse 22:19 19 Jan 08

"...with the width setting maladjusted"

or with the picture adjusted much too far to one side.

or the monitor is faulty.

  minkynink 23:11 19 Jan 08

It only happens when it starts up , everything is fine once windows is running . Its almost like it is on a loop .

  DieSse 23:32 19 Jan 08

Have you got a CRT or an LCD please - it matters to help answer you.

  minkynink 23:57 19 Jan 08

Its a CRT .

  johnnyrocker 23:59 19 Jan 08

the line sync is off on your monitor and will require the services of a techniciaan,


  SANTOS7 00:00 20 Jan 08

fair test and the cheapest at the moment would be to plug it into another computer, if it does the same time to buy skinny screen, if not it could be a corrupt VGA driver issue...

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