Windows genuine advantage

  Drum 11:52 06 Apr 07

Hi all.
Some months ago I got a Windows update notification to install Windows genuine advantage notification. Although I had ignored this message for several weeks before, I was advised by a friend to take the update and validate my copy of Windows which of course I already knew was genuine. The validation went fine as expected, and confirmed I have a genuine copy of Windows.

I however continue to get this download notification? How many times does it need to be verified, or is this just Big Brother Microsoft taking something out of my PC?

  wee eddie 11:56 06 Apr 07

I clear the PC of Cookies

  Drum 11:58 06 Apr 07

......... And does that stop it?

  Technotiger 12:31 06 Apr 07

Hi, I think there is a tick-box to prevent it appearing again - have a closer look next time you see it.

  rodriguez 12:49 06 Apr 07

What I do is what Technotiger suggested - you go into Control Panel and then Security Center. Under where it says "Manage security settings for:" click on Automatic Updates. Then click the button nest to where it says "Notify me but don't automatically download or install them" and click Apply and then OK. Now next time there are some updates it will pop up in a yellow balloon in the corner and you click that and you'll see all the updates with ticks by them. Have a look for Windows Genuine Advantage and untick it and it won't install it again. Windows only needs validating once (I think) so there's no point in doing it all the time.

  insyder 13:43 06 Apr 07

I think you have to keep updating it as it's probably full of security holes - don't forget, each time you start your computer WGA connects to the 'net to check you are genuine......

  Drum 16:39 06 Apr 07

Hi Rodriguez, and thanks for your help but I did all that years ago. I would never trust Microsoft to download things automatically, like an old lady I help with her computing that I haven't seen for a while I was staggered to find she had IE7, and is now experiencing all sorts of problems.
I can't help thinking that there's something in this for Microsoft, spy ware?

  Forum Editor 16:59 06 Apr 07

"I can't help thinking that there's something in this for Microsoft, spy ware?"

That's sheer fantasy. Nobody at Microsoft would be stupid enough to try to install spyware on millions of computers, and why would they possibly want to do it anyway?

  Drum 17:22 06 Apr 07

I know I'm getting a bit jaded in my old age, and maybe it is just sheer fantasy, but can you tell me, what does Microsoft get out of windows genuine advantage, i.e. people in their millions validating their edition of Windows, because you can be sure that any PC owner with a dodgy copy of Windows won't be doing it?
There has to be something in it for them!

  wee eddie 17:28 06 Apr 07

Stopping the millions who have not paid for their Software

  J B 20:28 06 Apr 07

wee eddie beat me to it! To slow with the typingI guess. J.B.

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