Windows freezing at start-up

  Alien Life Form 01:19 08 Jan 07

I have recently been having problems with Windows freezing at start-up, to the point where I have to turn my computer off at the plug and start again. The last few times I have had to do this 3/4 times before I can actually log-on.
It happens just after I have selected my user name.
Can any one help?

  terryf 02:01 08 Jan 07

Have you tried booting into safe mode and going to Start>Run and typing sfc /scannow (don't forget the space after sfc and you will need your win cd)

  Alien Life Form 02:27 08 Jan 07

I can't use sfc because I don't have an XP CD, I was not given one with my PC

  Alien Life Form 02:31 08 Jan 07

Also, I'm having trouble with internet too. When the AOL logon screen comes up it won't let me press anything for a while, if I do it freezes. I have to wait 2 min till I can logon. These problems have only been happening suddenly the last few days.
For the past week, windows takes a while to load after I have logged on, so I can't access start menu, even though I recently disabled some unnecessary startup programs so that I could logon quicker

  brundle 02:37 08 Jan 07

Terryf's advice is the first thing to try with vague problems like this, shame you don't have an XP CD.

Check for Windows updates and install them, make sure your antivirus software is up to date, do a full scan and don't rely on AOL's anti-spyware protection, get something like AVG Antispyware and run a full scan with that too (click here)

  Alien Life Form 02:40 08 Jan 07

I have AVG, Spybot, adaware, CounterSpy and Spyware Blaster.
I just a system recovery to 2 days ago but it didn't help

My PC is also making a lot of noises (this has been happening for a couple of months but is getting worse) - It's the same whirring noise the computer makes at startup but it happens when I'm logged on and hardly doing anything.

Thanks for your help. Do you know where I can get an XP CD? Or can I use the recovery CD?

  brundle 02:46 08 Jan 07

Could be one of your cooling fans failing or just clogged heatsinks etc - locking up could be caused by overheating due to that - take a look inside the machine. Check CPU fan, PSU fan, any internal case fans.
If your recovery CD has an I386 folder on it, you could use it to do a system file check otherwise you'd have to buy XP somewhere.

  Alien Life Form 03:28 08 Jan 07

what am I looking for inside the computer? Have never looked inside before.
The noise it not constant, it comes and goes. Would it be constant if it was a fan?

Thanks, I really appreciate your help

  brundle 06:34 08 Jan 07

click here
The PC shown is pretty out of date, but the principles are the same.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:14 08 Jan 07

boot into safe mode and going to Start>Run and type sfc /scannow

If it is a preinstalled XP then there will be a i386 folder on the hard drive where sfc will look for the files instead of looking for a CD.

sfc /scannow problems
click here

  Dan S 10:20 08 Jan 07

Could also be a driver issue caused by an update or a system crash. Suspect ones include the graphics card driver, but there could be others. I'd have a look in device manager (Start>Control Panel>System>Hardware) and see if there any 'Unknown Devices', highlighted by a yellow question mark.

If you find any, it may be worth reinstalling them from the driver disk or from the manufacturer's website.

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