windows firewall wont switch off

  spud22 20:11 27 Aug 07

I am running windows xp home and windows wont allow me to switch it's firewall off i get the message in security centre some settings are controlled by group policy.
I use pcgaurd from virgin media as my anti virus and firewall.I installed the beta of "one care" out of curiosity but uninstalled it due to some unexpected computer crashes about a month ago when i checked help it said the group policy tool was only available in xp pro. anyone help

  birdface 20:48 27 Aug 07

In the security center.Press the little green button on Firewall.When I press that it says I have sunbelt personal firewall running, What does yours say.

  spud22 20:58 27 Aug 07

it says at least one of the firewalls installed on this computer is currently on . A firewall etc
Note two or more firewalls running at the same time can conflict etc.
I know both firewalls are on but cant stop the windows firewall.

  birdface 21:21 27 Aug 07

Well i did read a long time ago It is not advisable to have two firewalls running.But fairly safe if one of them is windows Firewall.Now Windows One care used to use Windows firewall and you could not delete the firewall while that was installed, So maybe you have not deleted all of one care,Try search.And see if you come up with any remnants.If you find any delete them then run C Cleaner that might get rid of whats left.

  spud22 21:32 27 Aug 07

tried ccleaner could not find any referances to onecare but at least i got rid of some crap from my registery

  birdface 21:40 27 Aug 07

Probably comes under Windows one care.I am with Virgin but do not use any of there products,There does not seam to be anyone about that recommends there Spyware Programs.

  spud22 21:54 27 Aug 07

anti virus seems ok i never have any problems though i do use S&D .avg and sometimes adaware for antivirus

  spud22 21:56 27 Aug 07

i'll try starting in safe mode maybe i'll be able to change it then

  brundle 23:07 27 Aug 07

The message you see is telling you the PCGuard firewall is on. Your XP firewall will have been switched off automatically when PCguard was installed. That is, unless you have actually accessed the XP firewall control panel (start menu/run, type firewall.cpl) and it is actually showing as On.

  spud22 16:45 28 Aug 07

no it actually tells me the windows firewall is on and will not let me switch it off

  spud22 20:22 28 Aug 07

can anyone help

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