windows firewall or zone alarm

  nickyjane 22:21 06 Jul 05

Hi guys. Have installed xp pro with sp2, which fire wall should I use, windows own or zone alarm or can I run them both at the same time. Thanks

  rubella 22:23 06 Jul 05


  VoG II 22:25 06 Jul 05

ZA on its own.

  De Marcus 22:28 06 Jul 05

ZA by itself as others have said.

The windows firewall is an ok solution but it only offers inbound protection, ZA has both and is free to boot.

  rubella 22:29 06 Jul 05

I’ve been led to believe installing ZoneAlarm automatically disables the one in XP. I’ve not tested that as I’ve always turned it off first.

  Pooke 22:30 06 Jul 05

Zone Alarm, switch off the windows one!

  soy 22:45 06 Jul 05

Yep install ZA and it will autmatically switch Windows own firewall off.

  nickyjane 22:46 06 Jul 05

Thanks Guys, will turn off windows fire wall, where will I find it.

  Pooke 22:53 06 Jul 05

control panel then windows firewall

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