Windows Firewall / Internet Explorer

  tony-guitar 17:26 19 Mar 05

My father has just gone broadband(Blueyonder) and has "enabled" his Windows Firewall for the first time. He doesn't have SP2, so its just the basic one. Unfortunately he can't now access his e-mails(Outlook Express) or I.E. If he turns off the firewall, everything works fine. Please help anyone.

  john-232317 18:03 19 Mar 05

Go into control panel, windows firewall, excetions tab, tick Internet Explorer, tick OK

  john-232317 18:04 19 Mar 05

Sorry should read exceptions tab

  john-232317 18:06 19 Mar 05

sorry and tick Outlook Express

  tony-guitar 19:02 19 Mar 05

Hi, i looked for the 'exceptions' tab because i used it on my pc (i do have sp2) but it wasn't there. So i 'ticked' the "pop3,SMTP,HTTP" etc boxes and i had it working when i left his house. I sent him an e-mail when i got home and he couldn't receive it or go on the internet. Before sp2, i had no probs with the basic firewall and I.E/ Outlook. very strange.Any more thoughts?

  Mr Beeline 22:28 19 Mar 05

Agree with dadyassa. Should be as he says.

But... I would suggest with broadband, that you really want a firewall a little "stronger" than the Windows one. I suggest you disable the Windows one and install Zonealarm (available free on the cover disk of just about every PC magazine). Thoug there are of course loads of others to choose from. Never had a problem with it in over 5 years and three different PC's.

Good luck...

  tony-guitar 19:15 20 Mar 05

Hi, and thanks for your response. I've passed on your suggestions to my father, and he'll give it a try tomorrow. He tried ZoneAlarm first with the same result which is why i suggest the Windows firewall as i had no problem with it prior to SP2.

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