Windows Firewall - How do I allow an IP address ?

  boot-it-out 11:01 27 May 07

Trying to set up a Print Server on my home network, but the Windows Firewall ( Win XP Pro SP2 ) is blocking access to it.

( It works if the Firewall is completely switched off, but doesn't work if the Windows Firewall is on ).

I still want to run the Windows firewall, but allow the Print server to be accessible, and I believe I can do this by setting the "Exceptions"

I have the IP address of the Print Server but don't know how to configure the Firewall exceptions.

Any help ( particularly step by step "dummies" instructions ) would be appreciated :-) !!!

  skidzy 11:12 27 May 07

Firstly,why are you using windows own firewall ?

As windows firewall only offers one way protection (inbound) you would be best to disable this and download a free software version such as Zonealarm that offers inbound and outbound protection.

Zonealarm will then ask you for permissions to allow your print server etc...

ZA download, click here

  skidzy 11:14 27 May 07

If you insist on using windows firewall,this may help out click here

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