Windows firewall.

  Tony W. 12:48 20 Jun 08

Can anybody assist me with a Firewall problem.I have started my computer and a message came up saying "Your Windows Firewall is turned off"(I HAVE NOT TURNED IT OFF)it says follow recommendations and enable Firewall.

When I try to another message appears saying "due to an unidentified problem Windows cannot turn on your Firewall" and further advises to go direct to the control panel then to Firewall.

But once again a message comes up saying Windows cannot display Firewall settings.I have made several attempts to turn it back on but it will not.This has not happened before so any assistance from forum members would be much appreciated.Thank you.Tony.

  birdface 12:52 20 Jun 08

Do you use Windows Firewall or some other one.

  birdface 12:56 20 Jun 08

Try.Control Panel.Windows Security the arrow on Firewall.Does it say at least one firewall is turned on.

  Tony W. 13:13 20 Jun 08


Its Windows Firewall.I have tried going into security center and it says firewall is off.And each time I try to enable it says we are sorry the security center cannot turn on Firewall.

  birdface 13:27 20 Jun 08

Maybe download Kerio Firewall Free Trial.Better than Windows Firewall.Just download and run in simple mode.After the month is up it should revert to the free version if you don't want to here

  birdface 13:39 20 Jun 08

You don't use Windows Live One care do you.If so that will stop Windows Firewall from working as it has its own.

  Tony W. 14:01 20 Jun 08


No I do not use the Windows Live Onecare.I have done as you have suggested and downloaded the free trial of the Kerio Firewall.I am very grateful to you for taking the trouble to help me with this and respond as quickly as you did.Many thanks and best wishes. Tony W.

  birdface 14:08 20 Jun 08

Ok Tony.Bye and good luck.

  Technotiger 14:32 20 Jun 08

When Kerio (now known as Sunbelt Personal Firewall) reverts to the Free version after the first 30 days, I would advise you to keep the Free version if you don't want to pay for it, it is a very good program - free or paid for. I use the paid for version.

  Tony W. 14:39 20 Jun 08


Yes I will be keeping the free version most of my downloads are the free versions,Anti Virus,etc
and I have never had a problem with any of them.Thank you for your additional advice.Best wishes Tony W.

  birdface 15:35 20 Jun 08

Hi Tony.I know that you have classed this as resolved.But just thinking maybe a virus or something like that.Did you run any of your Security programs just in case.

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