The Windows Firewall

  Ray5776 21:55 05 Aug 06

I think that the Windows firewall is useless if anyone thinks otherwise let me have your comments.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 21:59 05 Aug 06

I have not used a firewall for 3+ years so the question is academic...however, pray may one enquire as to how you have reached this profound conclusion?


  woodchip 22:01 05 Aug 06

That just about sums it up. Nothing to add

  sean-278262 22:02 05 Aug 06

Windows firewall gives no control in my opinion over its use. But it is useful for those computer idiots I know to keep them safe from web nasties!

  ade.h 22:02 05 Aug 06

Actually, it is worse than useless. It can cause access problems in a network, it can enable itself at will if Windows sees a need for it (often even when there is a pre-existing 3rd party firewall) and it doesn't work with ICS.

  Ray5776 12:39 06 Aug 06


I suggest you try using it. It will soon become apparent as to how I reached my profound conclusion.
Seems that I am not alone either:-)

  Jak_1 13:49 06 Aug 06

Windows firewall is fine for stopping hackers etc but if you get a nasty from an infected website then it will not stop anything going out. So worse than useles as it gives a false sense of security. Zonealarm and othes like it are far better.

  freaky 13:51 06 Aug 06

It's better than having nothing, but as ade.h states above, it can cause problems if you have a network.

The Windows firewall only offers one-way protection i.e. it will 'try' to stop intrusions accessing your PC. It will not stop unauthorised transmissions from your PC.

A good firewall offers two-way protection.

GANDALF <|:-)> has stated "I have not used a firewall for 3+ years so the question is academic". A valid point, but personally I would not take the chance.

A good firewall can also be a nuisance at times by sometimes stopping you downloading a patch for a game etc. I have had a number of instances where I have to disable it in order to download !

  Ray5776 14:23 06 Aug 06

"It`s better than having nothing"

I think even that is questionable.

  SANTOS7 14:38 06 Aug 06

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