Windows Firewall

  PAE 12:02 27 Jan 05

For some reason Windows Firewall (SP2) does not seem to want to stay ON. I select it in Control Panel and set it to be ON. The next time I boot up and check it is OFF. Can't seem to find any reference to this in the Microsoft Knowledge Base. I need it On to provide cover for my Home Network. I also have kerio but need to switch that Off in order for the second computer to be able to access the internet.

Has anyone come across this problem and if so did you fix it.


  Technotiger 12:07 27 Jan 05

Hi, xp's firewall will automatically switch off if another firewall is in use.


  ACOLYTE 12:09 27 Jan 05

You need to configure kerio to let the other pc connect,i cant say how as i have never used kerio.

  Dennis1 12:12 27 Jan 05

It doesn't do it with all other firewalls,I'm using sygate and my security centre tells me I'm not using one,But I know several that have said their xp firewal has turned itself off when using Zone alarm.

  Dennis1 12:14 27 Jan 05

It was Norton they were using.

  Technotiger 13:18 27 Jan 05

I use ZA and xp firewall turns itself off.

  alnwrd 13:36 27 Jan 05

type in the run box services.msc
look at the windows firewall setting and set to automatic then click apply. The windows firewall will then be on from boot up. If you are using a third party firewall such as zone alarm, leave the windows one as disabled.

  Belatucadrus 14:42 27 Jan 05

I don't think that you can use Kerio Free on the Gateway PC in a network. If you try and enable Gateway mode in the preferences tab, you get a popup suggesting you pay for the full version.

  PAE 15:37 27 Jan 05

OK after reading all your replies, for which thanks very much, lloks like I will have to do a manual selection every time I want to use the Internet on the second PC. I have to disable Kerio to use that PC but I am sure that previously the Windows Firewall was activated at startup. Once activated it stays one until I shutdown. I just need to make sure the children don't go on the net without activating it, or else buy the full version of kerio.


  Trikie 22:45 31 Jan 05

Trying to get to the XP Home firewall. alnwrd sasys go to Run/services.msc and look at the windows firewall setting. I've done this but can't find any reference to firewall or security in the list. Is there any other way?

  Technotiger 22:49 31 Jan 05



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