windows fax query (tsid-csid) ?

  joeltr 15:23 24 Apr 04

i am trying to set up windows fax with the wizard, and on the tsid box it says the number is usually made up of a fax number and business combination, i dont have either of these,how do i get it up and running please,regards joel.

  ade.h 00:41 25 Apr 04

click here*&Sz=(kbprint%20or%20kbfax) for the MS Knowledgebase Fax & Printing section.

More specifically, search for article #306657 which details sending a fax and article #306550 which desribes how to configure the fax service. There is also #306662 about receiving faxes.

I haven't hyperlinked these articles because some Knowledgebase URLs don't work with the "click here" system.

  ade.h 00:44 25 Apr 04

See what I mean! That first link works anyway as it happens; just tested it.

  joeltr 11:40 26 Apr 04

sorry for delay in replying, got waylaid,thanks for your responce ade.h will have a look, regards,joel.

  Graham ® 13:13 26 Apr 04

Have a read, it tell you how to do it:

click here

Copy and paste into Notepad the 3rd paragraph, take out the space, and save.

When you need to post, just add the number at the =, copy and paste into the forum.

Of course, when it's a list of articles, that won't work. Don't know how you managed that!

  ade.h 20:21 26 Apr 04

Thanks for the tip Graham. That's useful to know for any KB URLs that are in the old semi-colon format of which there are a lot it seems. As for that first link, I've no idea why it works either!!

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