Windows Explorer Status Bar Text

  kentylad 19:12 02 May 06

Does anyone know how I can changed the status bar for a specific drive of file in Windows XP (SP2)?

I have a folder that shows, in the status bar, a random line of text that is not related to the name of the folder.



  Graham ® 19:34 02 May 06

Is just one folder affected?

  kentylad 19:40 02 May 06

Yes just the one folder. There are two (including the folder in question) folders at this level.

I have tried renaming the folder but it changed nothing.


  Graham ® 20:02 02 May 06

I can only guess that the folder's 'footprint' is corrupted. Can you copy it to somewhere else and delete the original?

  kentylad 20:06 02 May 06

This folder was just copied from another location.....

  Graham ® 20:23 02 May 06

OK, restart the computer.

  kentylad 20:30 02 May 06

Still no change...

  Graham ® 20:33 02 May 06

My next guess is a virus.

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