Windows Explorer not responding and closes when i try to cut+paste?

  buel 07 Nov 11

Hi, my Pc is Vista and whenever i try to cut and paste or delete anything Windows explorer restarts ever time? Please can someone advise what to do? Thank you.

  buel 08 Nov 11

hello, anyone?

  buel 08 Nov 11

Also, now no external devices are being recognised? I've run, avg, superantispyware and malwarebytes too and superantispyware found a few items but it's still not fixed the problems?

  gengiscant 08 Nov 11

Good morning

Have you tried sfc /scannow Click here Or system restore to an earlier state when things were working?

  buel 08 Nov 11

Hi, there are no restore points as id turned off system restore last week to scan for nasties. I tried cmd and then scannow, is that the same?

  gengiscant 08 Nov 11

Well it is not the same s system restore no, but sfc /scannow should replace any currupt files.

  buel 08 Nov 11

Hi, i did scannow last night but am doing it again right now. I see that i also got redirected to 'ebay' whilst clicking on one of your Google links/searches you privided me with. I have also got redirected when i have used Firefox/IE today too. Maybe an infection is to blame for both problems?

Come to think of it, last night i downloaded a perfectly legit (i thought?) programme called BDlot DVD ISO Master to copy a DVD i have. I used the 'convert to ISO' option and it created a winzip folder which i unzipped and it kept unzipping and wouldn't complete and filled up my hard drive, this is when i tried to delete the file and came across the problem with Windows Explorer!

Does this help please?

  buel 08 Nov 11

Update:No integrity violations found!! Grrrr.

  buel 08 Nov 11

Update: getting redirected almost every time i search Google now!!

  gengiscant 08 Nov 11

The software was reviewed here: Pcadvisor so I am assuming its not that. You say you have scanned for nasties and found nothing. This is a puzzle. I wonder if the Event logs will give you any clues. But I must admit it certainly would seem you are infected.

  buel 08 Nov 11

Sorry, what i meant was Malwarebytes did find a few things last night but i have restarted since and done more scans. Maybe do them (Malwarebytes, Superantispyware and AVG) in safe mode would help?


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