Windows Explorer Has Stopped Working - MP3 Properties

  mrthewanderer 23 Apr 12

I have a number of MP3 files on my Win7 64 pc and recently every time I right click on any of the track properties I get a Windows Explorer Has Stopped Working message. All I am trying to do is edit the track information. Any ideas please

  northumbria61 24 Apr 12
  1. Run with your anti-virus program you have installed. Make sure your system is clean.

  2. Run a system file check. See if it catches any corrupted files and be able to repair them.

Start button - search box type cmd - look up, RIGHT click on cmd.exe - click Run As Administrator - in that black and white cmd window, type at the flashing prompt sfc /scannow - press ENTER key. Note : there is a Space between "sfc" and "/". Sit back and wait. It will take some time. When done, exit cmd window. Reboot ( re-start your computer )

  rdave13 24 Apr 12

Also have you installed a new program recently? It might not be compatible with your OS.

  Batch 24 Apr 12

Do you have some software installed that plays (or otherwise processes) such files automatically when you right click on them?

I have an old version of ACDSee installed (under WinXP) which includes a right click context menu item called PicaView, this includes a audio player that kicks-in as soon as one right clicks on a suitable file. If an apparently suitable file (such as an MP3) is corrupt, incomplete or otherwise unplayable, this often causes Windows Explorer to crash and restart (which means the whole desktop / taskbar get restarted as these are handles by Windows Explorer).

  mrthewanderer 24 Apr 12

Have run Disk checker , virus scans , registry cleaner etc. But have found a wave max entry in the context menu so have deleted this and will see if this helps and report back later. Many thanks to all for your comments.

  mrthewanderer 24 Apr 12

Everything seems to be ok now. Thanks again.

  mrthewanderer 27 Apr 12

Thought I had resolved the problem but it has come back again so really scratching my head now!


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