Windows Explorer Bug - Files going Invisible?

  xLiaMz 13:16 14 Feb 15

So after some time my windows explorer breaks, at the top the green loading bar keeps going and never finishes then my files go invisible, if I close the explorer and open it back up all of my pinned files on the left disappear and only leaves, Home Group, Libraries and Favourites.

I'm using Windows 7 to fix the problem I restart the PC, which obviously isn't a good fix.

  rdave13 14:49 14 Feb 15

Try running the system file checker click here , more info here.

  xLiaMz 15:43 14 Feb 15

I got these errors, could these be causing my problem? click here this is what happens - click here if I close and re-open this happens - click here

Also then

  rdave13 16:26 14 Feb 15

Pointing towards installed software. Mfc90enu.dll file associated with AutoCAD? Try running the sys file checker a few more times after you run your security programs.

If the machine is clean the Microsoft site suggests you run SFC in safe mode.

  xLiaMz 16:50 14 Feb 15

So I should just keep running the sfc? What should I do if that doesn't fix it? I've tried using 2 restore points and both give an error... one is this, I turned off Avast before starting - click here


  rdave13 17:15 14 Feb 15

Run it a couple of times again. Have you run your security programs? Tried SFC in safe mode? Last resort would be a system repair , but even that has risks.

Sometimes it's faster to back up all your data and do a fresh install. You have backed up all of your data?

1]: [click here

  rdave13 17:22 14 Feb 15

One other thing to try. Avast might have become corrupted via an update. Use their removal tool in safe mode, Full info here , that will at least prove or not it's Avast causing it.

  xLiaMz 00:49 15 Feb 15

Thanks for your help, in the end I decided to just re-install windows, haven't done it in a while anyway.

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