Windows error message IOS

  tycapel7 16:39 10 Apr 05

Can you help me please as i have never seen this one befor and i can not get passed the first screen to find out what it might be. The drive has been reformated and windows was installed with no problems, but when i reboot i get this message.
Has anyone seen this one befor.

Thankyou. Bobby.

  SANTOS7 16:43 10 Apr 05

click here you don't say what operating system you have, but this may help..

  tycapel7 17:07 10 Apr 05

I have tried Win 95 and Win ME, its the same result. I have also tried a different hard drive. Could it be something alredy in the computer. Bobby.

  LastChip 17:12 10 Apr 05

Make sure you haven't got a floppy in the drive.

  tycapel7 17:19 10 Apr 05

No i meant a faulty bit of hardware or maybe even virus hiding someware.

  LastChip 17:27 10 Apr 05

IOS (Input/Output System) is another way of saying the BIOS cannot find a drive with an operating system on to hand over to.

When the machine boots up, the BIOS (Basic Input/Output System), a chip on your motherboard, initialises control. Once its done its very limited but important job, it has to hand over control to an operating system.

If you have a floppy in the drive that is not a system disc, you will get this message, provided your machine is set to boot from the floppy first.

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