Windows error with digital camera....

  The_$@!nt 14:01 04 Jul 04

Have just bought a digital camera. I had to install camera drivers to view/transfer my pics. I installed, but it didnt work. I went to control Panel>Add/remove to uninstall the drivers and start again, but it gave me the follwing error message...

pAPP:Concord Eye-Q Wireless Camera Drivers
PVENDOR:Concord Camera Corp
@Windows XP Service Pack 1 (2600) IE

After I click "OK" (only option available) it brings up another small window displaying the following...

Setup has experienced an error

-Close any running programmes
-Empty temporary folder
-Check your internet connection (internet - based setups)

Then try to run the setup again

Error code: -5001

Is this a camera/software problem? Or a Windows problem?

  Stuartli 14:28 04 Jul 04

You shouldn't need to install drivers with XP, same for memory card readers.

If you go to My Computer>Explore and look for an additional drive letter (could be R for Removeable) when your camera is connected, you should be able to view and drag and drop files to a folder.

  The_$@!nt 14:40 04 Jul 04

It says something like that in the user guide, but it doesnt appear in My Computer.

  Stuartli 15:23 04 Jul 04

So why did you try to install any drivers?

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