Is Windows Easy Transfer 'Clean'?

  ReaderDavid 13 Aug 12

I have a new PC on order. When it comes I shall have the task of transferring everything from my old Computer to the new.

My question is simple, but the answer may not be: should I use Windows Easy Transfer?

Both old and new computers run Windows 7 64 bit. The old computer (now five years old ) started life with Vista on which I performed an upgrade, not a clean install. It is fully up to date with Windows Updates.

My understanding, which may be erroneous, is that Windows Easy Transfer copies some (though maybe not all?) of the files from the hidden Profile AppData folder and copies some entries from the Registry. My worry is simple: if I use it, will it copy some of the crud that has built up over the years that is now slowing my old computer down?

Put differently: I want to perform a 'clean' install this time round. Will using Windows Easy Transfer contaminate it?

  Jollyjohn 13 Aug 12

You can choose what is transferred. I have used it several times in the past and found the whole process fairly painless. In your scenario, once you have set up your new PC, I would transfer "My Documents" "My Music" etc. I would only transfer "Settings" from the old PC if there is something very specific and detailed to set up on the new PC that you are currently using on the old PC.

  KRONOS the First 13 Aug 12

What you do not want to do is copy all the clutter that we all accumulate as we use our PC's. I have never used Windows Easy Transfer so cannot comment on how effective it is.

I have everything on separate hard-drives and only the operating system and programs live on the C drive so if I need to reinstall it is a very simple operation and completed within a couple of hours.

  onthelimit1 13 Aug 12

WET is very easy to use. The fastest way is with a transfer cable such as this. Alternatively you can use your home network, but it will be much slower. WET tsansfers data only, so any programmes will need to be re-installed.


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