windows defragmenter help

  neo1 00:35 14 Jan 04

hi ive tried to defragment my win me with the standard disk defragmenter and it stays on just wont get past 1% done is there any where on the net that i can d/l a better disk defragenter? thanks in advance

  Diodorus Siculus 00:42 14 Jan 04

DiskKeeper Lite (do a google search) or start your pc in safe mode (press F8 at startup) and turn off the screensaver. Then defrag and it should run it for you.

  neo1 01:07 14 Jan 04

just d/l diskkeeper lite and will try it out in the morning thanks for your help :)

  hugh-265156 01:37 14 Jan 04

if diskeeper lite doesnt work for you then run it or windows own defrag in safe mode(keep tapping F8 or F5 as soon as you start the computer and select safe mode from the list)then run it here.

this will stop other programs from running in the background which may be started automatically when windows loads and can sometimes interfere with the defrag process.

or disable uneeded start up programs by clicking start/run type "msconfig" click the start up tab and untick everything except your AV and firewal,restart the computer and tick the "dont show again box" when you get a warning that you have changed the way windows may be able to run defrag in windows now.

your programs will still start when you select them from the all programs here for info on anyhing listed in the start up list you are unsure of.

as above i would untick almost everything except AV,firewall and maybe printer status monitor if you use an epson printer.

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