Windows Defender wont load-0x8007024. AVG problem?

  buel 20:46 PM 17 Oct 12

Hi, I have uninstalled my friend's antivirus so i can get Defender to be the main antivirus. However, i get the message that it wont load with the code of 0x8007024. Just out of interest, AVG doesn't load on Revo uninstaller but when i type it into the Windows search bar, lots of AVG items appear, such as AVG console defragmentation, AVG disc cleaner, AVG tunep 2011 etc etc.

Could this be the problem? Thank you.

  buel 21:23 PM 17 Oct 12

Hi, the antivirus i removed was Macafee, not AVG? Thank you.

  buel 06:28 AM 18 Oct 12

So what can i do to remove all the AVG programmes please? (I didn't know that they did all those other choices too- Their own gefragmenting tool etc etc)

  sharpamat 08:18 AM 18 Oct 12

Its unknow what you removed However AVG componrntd had cleary been installed at some stage. clearly shown by AVG tuneup 2011

This whilst from AVG as as far as I know as seperate progam from the AV

This does all the etc, you have listed inc Defrag and fall details are on their site


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