Windows Defender v Avast in Windows 8 - Hmmm

  onthelimit1 10:14 AM 07 Mar 13

A couple of weeks ago, I saw a thread where someone stated that if a third party AV was installed in W8 it automatically disabled Defender.

Imagine my surprise this morning when, on my PC with Avast, Defender popped up saying it had identified a problem (Hackfile or somesuch) and was cleaning it.

So, what is going on?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:55 AM 07 Mar 13

Avast is an antivirus, defender is antimalware. the article you read is incorrect.

  Woolwell 12:14 PM 07 Mar 13

I'm sorry but Fruit Bat is incorrect. It has changed with W8. Defender is like MSE in W8 (similar interface. See Microsoft article

  Woolwell 12:15 PM 07 Mar 13

Correction Defender has replaced MSE in W8.

  onthelimit1 12:42 PM 07 Mar 13

Correct - defender in W8 is a combined version of the old one and MSE. It is therefore AV and antimalware. still don't know why it popped up now I have Avast installed. This implies Def should be auto disabled when third party AV is installed

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:46 PM 07 Mar 13

In Windows 8 and Windows RT, Windows Defender provides the same level of protection against malware as Microsoft Security Essentials.

  Woolwell 13:05 PM 07 Mar 13

Which version of Avast - is it the latest (v8)? Looking around the internet it seems that there have been some snags with Avast and W8, including not turning off Defender.

  onthelimit1 13:20 PM 07 Mar 13

Sorry FB - very rare for me to contradict you, but:

MS article

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:33 PM 07 Mar 13

I saw that, and my quote was from the Note in the middle of the page.

Which using defender since XP days as an antimalware was the way I read it.


  Woolwell 13:46 PM 07 Mar 13

Until W8 Defender only protected against malware but it now protects against ant-virus as well. It replaces MSE which was also anti-virus.

  Woolwell 13:49 PM 07 Mar 13

ps That doesn't mean that it is very good.


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