Windows Defender removal

  prince midas 12:28 12 Aug 09

I keep getting messages telling me I have not activated Windows defender. It is in my program group but I do not wish to use it.It does not include an uninstall exe.Can I just remove it and clean the registry. I have enough spyware programs without it.

  Taff™ 12:32 12 Aug 09

It`s built in to Vista and I don`t think you can remove it but I seem to remember that it can be disabled. I just ignore it anyway. It`s never found anything worth worrying about.

  Taff™ 12:33 12 Aug 09
  provider 2 12:54 12 Aug 09

It`s said to have been beefed up a bit recently, together with the MSRT in response to the Downadup worm: click here

I`ve never seen either of them nab anything either, though.

  prince midas 17:01 12 Aug 09

Unfortunateley when I tried to put a new installed copy of Windows Defender over the top of the existing Defender it told me that it was part of Vista and it would not let me install the latest version over the top of itself.Before I did this I tried to run Defender but it said there was an error and it could not run.I also tried to put a previous copy of Defender from Acronis over the existing using a previous version of Defender but this also gave me the same error message.
To cut a long story short I made an Acronis Backup of my pc so I can go back if my next job fails.

I am thinking about deleting all the Windows Defender Folder and then removing any registry entries quoting Defender.If the worst comes to it I assume I can put the Acronis image back if I screwup.Another idea is to alter the name of Windows Defender launch and hope it will stop asking,but I doubt it. Defender is not loaded but this error message keeps coming up.Any suggestions guys.

  lotvic 17:30 12 Aug 09

Don't delete all the Windows Defender Folders, you will cause Vista more problems as it is inbuilt.
Disable it as Taff™ said. This way click here has more detail on how to disable.

  prince midas 09:48 13 Aug 09

Have managed to unload it by going into startup and unclicking the windows defender item,thanks guys.

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