windows Defender

  swanny2 13:14 23 Mar 07

Is this also a Anti virus as well ? ive got a new hard drive and now want too keep it ridden free. i have the usual windows Firewall,just need a good Antivirus now.

  johndrew 13:44 23 Mar 07

You need a good anti-virus program to compliment Defender. You would also be wise to consider additional anti-malware programs (a-squared Free, Ad-Aware, Spybot S&D, etc.) as well. Just make certain you don`t try to run two anti-virus programs together as you will be likely to have a conflict.

  RobCharles1981 13:53 23 Mar 07

The best real time Protection is of course Spywareterminator

click here

  brundle 14:38 23 Mar 07

Defender is anti-malware/spyware; none of the suggestions are anti-virus;

here for free ones (click here) - antivir seems to pick up more than avg or avast going by past experience;

  swanny2 22:36 23 Mar 07

thanks mate ive downloaded that ativir . see how it goes .

  swanny2 23:24 23 Mar 07

eh rob is it possible too have that what u sugested as well as windows defender. or shud i delte it 1st?

  RobCharles1981 00:33 24 Mar 07

No as they will conflict

My advice use Spywareterminator as your realtime protection you might like to consider:


To Name A Few

Good Luck

  swanny2 10:43 24 Mar 07

Thanks i have now running .
Windows Firewall
and Spywareterminater

That should do the job shouldnt it mate?

cheers. :O)

  RobCharles1981 14:10 24 Mar 07

Windows Firewall is not the not the best firewall.

Zone Alarm is a good source click here

I preferably would recommended AVG or Avast from click here

But only use 1 Antivirus

U need a bit more Spyware stuff

Again on Filehippo download Spywareblaster, And Ad-Aware click here

And AVG Antispyware click here

That should be more than enough.

  swanny2 15:13 24 Mar 07

cheers rob but isnt that Antivir u said a Antivirus? ive downloaded adaware too.If i download Zone alarm,will i need too disable Windows firewall ? tx again . :O)

  mbp 18:41 24 Mar 07

swammu. yes you'll have to disable the Windows firewall if you have ZA. I only use Windows firewall for the past 6 months and find it adequate. Antivir PE Classic serves my purpose and of course I have Windows Defender and no other any malware and that is also sufficient for me.

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