Windows Defender

  provider 2 15:52 19 Dec 06

Would I be right in thinking Windows Defender is a total waste of space? In the three weeks it has been running on my PC it has picked up nothing whatsoever except Microsoft updates.

  VoG II 15:53 19 Dec 06

It will only pick something up if your PC is infected!

  provider 2 15:59 19 Dec 06

Understood, but Spybot S&D and AD-Aware SE seem to be picking up spyware frequently on the same PC and I understood WD is set to run in real time.

  Crook 16:06 19 Dec 06

I use this every day together with AVG Free and Spbot etc and they keepme free from fear!

  provider 2 16:09 19 Dec 06

Yes, Crook, but is it enough? I mean would you keep a dog and bark yourself?

  Jackcoms 16:38 19 Dec 06

"but Spybot S&D and AD-Aware SE seem to be picking up spyware frequently"

That's the nature of the game with anti-malware scanners.

If you have look at how many files they scan, there are often vast differences - some programs scan a damn site more than others.

I use Defender as my real-time scanner together with SpywareBlaster as a blocker and A2 as a stand-alone scanner.

Perfectly happy with all three.

Never been infected - mind you, I stay away from dodgy sites and use a lot of common sense as well.

  Mr Beeline 16:53 19 Dec 06

Spybot and Adaware tend to pick up "tracking cookies", while Defender tends to ignore then, as they are a pretty low level threat (well not really one at all).

  provider 2 17:01 19 Dec 06

I`m not too sure that tracking cookies are not a threat. In any case I would prefer to know they are there rather than be kept in the dark by a program that claims to be anti-spyware.

  rawprawn 17:04 19 Dec 06

Try Spyware Terminator, it is free and offers real time sanning. I can recommend it. (I also do run Win Defender)
click here

  provider 2 17:15 19 Dec 06

Tried it, rawprawn, but I made the mistake of downloading the AV Clam (?) anti-virus that comes with it which started a major conflict with avast! and I decided it was not for me. Also, the Spyware Warrior site seems none too sure about its respectability.

  GEEKSTA 17:22 19 Dec 06

I think it is a waste of time!
When I had it, it wouldnt update properly what so ever.
Not to mention how slow it is!
Im now using Spyware Doctor which is perfect for me!

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