Windows Bootup Error

  theaceae 04:33 16 Jan 04

Hello_can somebody help me with problem_booted up windows 98 SE,yesterday 15/01/04 to find unwanted screen apearing on desk top !'BTV_V34_Web_Installer.EXE that this shortcut referes to cannot be found.tied to delete it no success.rebooted found it add changed to_N every time i bootup the box appers
thinking it might be a virus AVG 6.0_ run test to see if there was any problems turned out negative.still left with problem.any help please_theaceae

  Diodorus Siculus 08:08 16 Jan 04

Get a spyware checker like SpyBot Search and Destroy: click here or AdAware from

Also check what is in the startup folder in the start menu, as well as what is under the startup tab under




  theaceae 22:20 16 Jan 04

Did what you suggested i have used spybot no ploblems
still got notepad at bootup.any more suggestions thanks_theaceae

  Diodorus Siculus 08:38 17 Jan 04

What about the startup menu? Anything there?

Go into msconfig and disable things a couple at a time to see what is causing the startup.

Or try Mike Lin's startup contol panel applet which will give more flexibility.

click here

  theaceae 16:56 17 Jan 04

Hi diodorus_i will download the software you suggested ok_let you know how i get on thanks_b.f.n_Peter

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