Windows back up will not back up on 3Tb extrnal drive

  tmr 17:51 PM 02 Jun 13

I have just purchased a Buffalo HD-LBU2 3Tb hard drive which will not back up Windows 7. Windows back up returns a message that “One of the backup files could not be created. Error Code 0x8078002A I/O DEVICE ERROR 0X8007045d” I am running Windows 7 SP1 and both my System drive and the external drive are formatted as NTFS

  Chronos the 2nd 18:06 PM 02 Jun 13

Might be something here. Google.

  rdave13 18:11 PM 02 Jun 13

Have a look at this thread. Apparently '2.2TB is the limit for MBR partitions'. Look at Hawkeye22's reply especially. Worth reading it all and consider buying a decent backup software.

  wee eddie 21:03 PM 02 Jun 13

Why not Partition the Drive ~ Problem solved

  tmr 19:43 PM 03 Jun 13

Thanks for your help guys. The Problem has been solved by reformating the external drive with GPT partition style which gave a 512 byte file sector size instead of the previosly factory MBR partition with 4096 byte sector size. The programme I used was Diskfomatter light which was included on the original drive by Buffalo but which I had not realised contained alternative formatting styles for their Drives.


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