windows automated system recovery disk download?

  Autoschediastic 09 Jul 11

Morning everyone!

Im having a mare of a time with an old laptop,its running on XP pro and its not booting as normal, its not loading the OS i get this message: \system32\hal.dll. missing? so i go into the "windows automated system recovery disk" and its now asking me to insert the floppy drive? the laptop dont have one? thats a floppy drive and a "windows automated system recovery disk"? ive got the xp disc but there is no "Recovery console" available as an option?

Any ideas please?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 09 Jul 11
  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 09 Jul 11
  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 09 Jul 11

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  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 09 Jul 11

copy and paste into your browser

  buteman 09 Jul 11

That copy and paste did not work for me.

  buteman 09 Jul 11
  buteman 09 Jul 11

lets see if this one works it puts you in the right direction that Fruit Bat /\0/\ was trying to open

On the alphabet on the top just click on the H that takes you into Hal.dll problems and fixes and when Fruit Bat /\0/\ returns he may be able to give you further information.

  buteman 09 Jul 11

Maybe go into the Bios and go to where the floppy disc driver is and disable it.

Had an old dell computer like that and it kept trying to start from the Floppy although it did not have one.

off course it may be nothing to do with that but worth a look anyway.

  lotvic 09 Jul 11

Is this the IBM Thinkpad T40 2373-92G in your other thread? (that you were trying to get files off to save)

Are you sure that ASR is set up on that laptop? (and what it does)

How to Set up and Use Automated System Recovery in Windows XP

How To Re-Create a Missing Automated System Recovery Floppy Disk in Windows XP

  lotvic 09 Jul 11

It's getting hard to keep up with developments on this problem laptop. Have you managed to save the files/pdfs? To aid attempts to help you (is it the one that belongs to the Head Teacher?), please can you tell us/confirm what you have already done so far:

What was the result of

Put new memory in the T40? as per your thread

Managed to fix the "NTDETECT Failed" as per


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