windows asking to format a good memory stick

  tonypurpuri 30 Mar 10

Hi, I'm having an issue with my memory stick. I have an 8Gb Kingston Datatraveller, i've formatted the stick with FAT32 on my home iMac (osx 10.5) the other day (I named the drive DATA8GB). But when i go to work and use the computer there (xp sp3) windows asks to format the drive, it recognises the drive but when i click on it a message pops up asking to format the drive. It also show 0 bytes free or used when i go to properties.

If it helps the name in windows is just "Removable Disk" and not "DATA8GB". I've tried to change the name in the properties tab but it says to format the disk to change it.

Apart from backing up my data and formatting in windows is there anything i can do?



  Andsome 30 Mar 10

When rempving it have you done it properly by clicking on the small icon in the bottom right corner, or do you just pull it out of the compter?

  tonypurpuri 30 Mar 10

Yeah, i've ejected it propery, both on the mac and windows. I went home last night, plugged it back into my Mac and all my files were there and working fine, come back into work today and windows is still not recognising it.

  cheap 30 Mar 10

Try formating the pen drive on the windows machine then putting all the files back on when you get home. Then try it back in works computer.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 30 Mar 10

Windows and MAc not compatible

Windows will not like MAC,s format even if it is supposed to be FAT32.

You will need to format on the windows machine NOT NTFS)then both machines should see it.

  tonypurpuri 30 Mar 10

ok, thanks for the advice. Quite odd though how windows wont recognise MAC fat32 format!



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