windows anti virus

  rickf 20:52 04 Mar 14

If windows essential security + wins firewall good enough protection or do I need a 3rd party anti virus installed in my laptop. Cheers.

  rickf 20:53 04 Mar 14

should read Is.........

  Woolwell 20:57 04 Mar 14

Which OS? But I don't rate MSE at all. You would be much better with another free anti-virus.

  mart7 21:36 04 Mar 14

Me neither i wouldn't depend on MSE at all

  rickf 08:51 05 Mar 14

Cheers. Its just that I have to uninstall MSE before installing AVG Internet security. Will do that.

  onthelimit1 08:55 05 Mar 14

If you are on W8, you do not need to uninstall MSE - it turns off automatically if you install third party AV.

  rickf 10:07 05 Mar 14

Had to uninstall MSE because it kept blocking 3rd party AV from installing. Any have always used AVG w/o probs so will stick with it.

  tullie 13:10 05 Mar 14

Just be aware that Malwarebytes is not anti virus

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