windows 98se shutdown

  drbes 21:49 13 Oct 04

Since connecting to BT Broadband my PC with Windows 98se is halting at the Windows Close Down screen. I already had the Microsoft patch for the Windows Closing Down problem installed long ago and never had any problems until connecting to Broadband. Any ideas on what is causing this problem now?

  VoG II 21:52 13 Oct 04

Work your way through this lot click here

  drbes 21:33 19 Oct 04

Computer man has discovered that this halt in shut down only happens if I have used the Internet and doesn't happen if I haven't been on the internet during a session on my computer. Says there is a file still active in the background but he can't find it anywhere and it's well and truly hidden and not showing up. Thinks it's something to do with BT Broadband and their set-up. He says lots of computer users seem to be having similar problem. Would be interested to hear if anyone else is having similar problem after connecting to BT Broadband?

  GaT7 23:45 19 Oct 04

Probably long shot(?), but first try the Win98se shutdown supplement - click here. Also see Problems Shutting Down Windows 98 Second Edition click here & How to Troubleshoot Windows 98 Shutdown Problems - click here. G

  lester1 23:55 19 Oct 04

You can re-apply the shutdown patch when you have problems. Don't know why but it works for me

  David4637 15:36 20 Oct 04

Close all progs. Press Control+Alt+Delete, and close down any prog still running except SysTray and Explorer. Leave PC running for 20-30 mins and then use Shut Down, this works OK about 95% of the time. David

  drbes 21:20 20 Oct 04

Thanks for all the helpful responses but all these avenues have been tried except downloading the Windows shutdown patch once again - will try that and see if it sorts the problem. By the time the computer gets to the shut down page it freezes and ctl, alt, del not anything else will work so we cannot close any progs still running. Whatever is still running is hidden prog and not showing up anywhere. Weird as it's happening to lots of people who connect via BT Broadband but not others. Maybe a BT thing?

  DoctorButcher 22:44 20 Oct 04

How do you connect to BT? Is it via NIC or USB modem?

When i first got Blueyonder, i had 98se and shutdown problems which i found out were caused by the NIC. The NIC i had was an old 3com 3c905TX card, and what was happening was the OS would request that the NIC close the net connection, but the NIC would not respond to the request and the system shutdown would freeze...

If you connect with a NIC it may be worth looking here for a solution.

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