Windows 98SE crashing when I install games/apps

  DJsmoothmoney 17:02 14 Jul 06

When I reinstalled my version of Windows 98SE because my computer was playing up I reinstalled every bit of software that I already had. Everything until I had to install my Abit Siluro T400 graphics drivers so I could see better colours. It finished installing the driver and asked me if I wanted to install directx 8.0 I said yes because I had Directx 6.0. It crashed with the BSOD and the messsage siad:
A fatal exception OE has occured at 0028:c004E17E. The current application will be terminated. Now Being 14 I understand that some of my hardware is playing up, but I have no idea what it is. To me the message means nothing and I really need to figure out what it is. Can anyone help?

  brundle 17:08 14 Jul 06

try installing/updating directx before you install the graphics drivers
latest 9.0c here click here

  DJsmoothmoney 17:10 14 Jul 06

but would that affect installing Jedi Knight : Jedi Academy/Vice City?

  brundle 17:13 14 Jul 06

i doubt it, it will either detect you have a newer version of directx, or you could save yourself the download and install dx8 first anyway - explore the installation cd to find it

narrow it down to a problem with your drivers
or directx, it will make things simpler

  DJsmoothmoney 21:44 15 Jul 06

I tried reinstalling windows. It worked fine. I then tried to install directx8.0 worked fine. I then tried to install Vice City crashed with the same error message this time it crashed earlier in the install. I have lowered the Graphics acceleration to nothing and it still keeps crashing. Any Ideas?

  Totally-braindead 21:48 15 Jul 06

Want to check something.

You blanked your computer. Installed Windows. Installed the motherboard drivers and then everything else, sound card graphics card etc.

Is this what you did?

  DJsmoothmoney 21:54 15 Jul 06

yes. Everything but the sound card.

  Totally-braindead 22:01 15 Jul 06

Well thats my first thought out the window. I thought perhaps you had not installed the motherboard drivers.

  DJsmoothmoney 19:00 16 Jul 06

The motherboard driver is already in the windows 98SE driver database. So I didn't need to install it.

  brundle 20:57 16 Jul 06

thats a proper back to basics approach.are you sure the CD works on another PC? it could be the copy protection, or your cd drive reaching the end of it's natural life. try copying the entire contents of the cd to your HD and install from that.

  DJsmoothmoney 16:24 17 Jul 06

How would I copy the CD files onto my HD?

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