Windows 98S Defrag

  Newuser2395 12:33 20 Jan 03
  Newuser2395 12:33 20 Jan 03

Follwing a Scandisk that gave a clean bill-of-health Defrag will only reach 11% and after about 10 minutes the drive gives out a oud "chattering" noise and I had to stop the process. Has anyone any ideas what may be wrong? This follows a reformat and re-install of Win 98. Many thanks.

  Thin White Duke 12:38 20 Jan 03

Try running it in SAFEMODE, failing that then try it in normal mode but before you start it do a CTRL+ALT+DEL and close all processes except for SYSTRAY & EXPLORER.

  Diemmess 12:38 20 Jan 03

Have you anything running in the background?
Off hand I can't remember the likely culprit but I'm sure I have seen listed in this forum a whole list of apps that will do this to you. I suspect disk management add-ons rather than AV apps.

Then just to be cheerful there is always incipient HD failure, but I think scandisk would have picked that up.

  obbit 12:45 20 Jan 03


it sounds like your hdd has a bad cluster. do a thorough scan in scan disk and set it to automatically fix errors

best wishes


  obbit 12:49 20 Jan 03

hi again

your hdd will make scraping noises if u have bad clusters. let it complete the thorough scan. it then should do a defrag.

best wishes


  Thin White Duke 12:52 20 Jan 03

He says he's already run scan-disk though.

  obbit 12:59 20 Jan 03


make sure the scan is a thorough scan. this identifies bad clusters and then the hdd will know not to use that cluster/sector.


  Stuartli 13:29 20 Jan 03

Have you got AV or similar running in the background or even a screensaver cutting in?

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