Windows 98 is taking over 2 hours to boot up. Help

  bullys 14:55 27 Feb 03

Got in this morning and one of my staff here switched on windows 98 machine and it had not booted up for at least 2 hours.

What changes i did..

I had pushed Macafee updates yesterday which i thought might have caused the problem. It might be doing a sys scan whilest booting . But i have disabled the AV. Still takes ages to boot up.

I can boot in safe mode and it works fine. I have had a look in msconfig and theres nothing unusual in there what could be causing this. what else can i do in safe mode?

Once it boots up after 2 hours theres no problem with the machine at all . Just that it takes ages to boot. WHY!!!???

Need help and need it fast. Thanks for reading .

  Stuartli 14:59 27 Feb 03

This is the Microsoft Windows 98 page on the subject:

click here;en-us;Q150516

  woodchip 15:08 27 Feb 03

start your computer and press f8 when starting choose create a boot file which will be in explorer under C:\ Download Bla.exe you can then look at the boot times of each item that is recorded you should easy see what the problem is

  woodchip 15:10 27 Feb 03

PS if you cannot find Bla.exe send your E-Mail by the envelope by my nickname and I will send it

  Stuartli 15:12 27 Feb 03

Also, if woodchip's sound advice doesn't offer a possible solution:

click here;en-us;w98

  pj123 15:44 27 Feb 03

When did it last boot up correctly? If it wasn’t more than five times ago, try a Registry Restore. Switch on and keep hitting the F8 key until you get a menu. Choose: Safe Mode Command Prompt Only and press enter.
When you get to the C:\ prompt type CD C:\windows\command and press enter.
Once there type scanreg /restore. and press enter. The system will run the Windows Registry Checker and come up with a list of five backed-up Registries and their corresponding backup dates. Choose the date that is nearest to the date before the problem occurred, press enter and the Registry will be restored.

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