Mo H 20:47 13 May 04

Kids PC will not startup. It freezes during loading. However if I run windows in Safe Mode then all is ok.

Any views on what to do. I havve tried reinstalling Win 98 but still the same?

  QuickHare 20:53 13 May 04

Press F8 instead of F5 (if that's what you've been pressing) and select "Logged". Go to C:\Bootlog.txt and find the last entry listed.

If you tell us the last few lines, it might help.

  bremner 20:55 13 May 04

It would seem to be freezing when it loads a particular driver.

When you press F8 for safe mode choose one of the other options - at this momemt I can't remember its title but it allows you to step through the loading sequence - you will then see which driver is the problem and be able to remove that in safe mode.

  Mo H 21:10 13 May 04

There is no Bootlog File even after having booted up and watched it freeze.

  QuickHare 21:15 13 May 04

You have to select the Looged option from the startup menu (pressing F8 when it says "Starting Windows 98..."). It will be on the same drive as Windows is installed.

If that doesn't work, you can try Step-by-Step Confirmation, but I fear it won't find it as it seems a problem after Windows starts loading itself (after the last confirmation message).

  QuickHare 21:18 13 May 04

If that doesn't work, boot into Safe Mode, right-click on My Computer and select Properties. Click on the Device Manager tab and look around (don't remove or change options) to find any device causing a conflict.

If you have ALL the drivers handy on disks/CDs, remove them all and reinstall them all. don't do this until someone else thinks it might help. I'd sooner have backup here.

Which reminds me - now is the time to go into Safe Mode and copy all important documents (saved work, etc) to floppy disk for safe keeping!

  Mo H 22:54 15 May 04

Thanks all, tried everything known to me and ended up formatting HDD. Works fine now

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