windows 98 start up, "Windows protection error"

  Mitul123 18:46 08 Jul 05

when I start up my computer (windows 98) it comes up saying "Windows protection error. You need to restart your computer." in a black background. And I can only acess my computer is by safe mode,and I can't even use the USB or the CD Driver to back my files and pictures in safe mode.
Is there any way of getting onto normal mode??

Do you have any idea whats going on?

  VoG II 18:51 08 Jul 05

Try this click here

  woodchip 19:00 08 Jul 05

Start with Win98 rescue disc floppy. At

a:\> type CD C: press enter. next at

C:\> type CD WINDOWS. Next type at C:\WINDOWS>


Press enter after each change

  woodchip 19:01 08 Jul 05

PS forgot to add choose old date to restore

  woodchip 21:53 26 Jul 05

This I sent as I have had E-Mails on this thread for help.

Is your CD a writeable CD, just try this. Right Click on "My Computer"\Properties\Device Manager if you can See the CD drive Remove it and Restart Computer, then try the CD drive for reading, you could also try the CD Drive on the other plug on the Ribbon cable if it's the only device on the Ribbon, or try a new cable as You will need this if you are going to reinstall windows, or repair it. The ribbon cable as a red wire at one side only, this as to go toward the Power plug on the drive.
If none of those work try removing IDE Controller, in device manager and restart.
Failing the above you will have to get a new CD Drive.
Let me know how you get on.

  Eggshell 22:12 26 Jul 05

Funny I had the same thing last week. I thought it might be a bios fault. I removed the mains lead and moved the jumper on the "clear bios", I could have removed the battery for a couple of seconds. It worked for me but other faults may give the same message.

  VCR97 19:54 27 Jul 05

Same happened to me. This worked and doesn't need disc. Safe mode> Safe mode with command prompt (or similar wording) Type:
cd\windows\command (return)
scanreg /restore (return) (Don't forget the space)
Select a suitable date.

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